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Stress Test Services

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A stress test or TMT evaluates how your heart works during physical activity. During exercise or stress your heart pump harder and faster as the demand increases. From stress test or TMT your doctor can learn how much your heart can manage before an abnormal rhythm starts or blood flow to your heart muscle drops.So, stress test or TMT can diagnose problems related to blood flow within your heart.

The test is performed by a doctor or trained technician. A stress test or TMT involves walking on a treadmill. During the test your heart rhythm, blood pressure and breathing are monitored.

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Your doctor may recommend a stress test if you have chest pain, signs or symptoms of coronary artery disease or an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia). The test determine the severity if you've already been diagnosed with a heart condition. It can help in treatment planning by measuring the effectiveness of treatment.

Preparation: Don’t eat, drink or smoke 2 to 4 hrs before test. Avoid caffeine on the day of the test & day before.
Ask before taking your prescribed medication as they may interfere with the test.

If you use inhaler or have asthama, inform prior. Bring necessary medications for breathing problems / asthma / inhaler during the test & keep them handy.
Wear comfortable clothing & shoes for walking / jogging purpose.We provide stress test in pune, stress thallium test in pune.

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Resting ECG & blood pressure is recorded.

Electrodes are applied on your arm, leg & chest which record electrical activity of the heart.

You will be walking slowly on the treadmill. Speed & inclination will be increased steadily. You can stop test at anytime if you feel uncomfortable.
After slowing down & completing the test, you will be asked to rest for some time. Again your ECG & blood pressure is recorded.

Cardiologist interprets your test results & gives detailed report. Cardiologist will discuss report & possible treatment options with you.

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