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Sonography Services

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Sonography or ultrasound (USG) is an imaging method that used high frequency sound waves to visualize internal structures. Sonography is safe, painless & does not use ionizing radiation.

A small transducer (probe) sends ultrasound pulse (inaudible to human ear) deep into the body & receives echoes giving us 2D grey scale pictures of the inside organs.

Special technique like Colour Doppler or Power Doppler can be used to visualize blood vessels. Blood flow, lumen & wall of the blood vessels such as arteries & veins of arm, leg, neck, & abdomen can be evaluated.

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Sonography is particularly helpful in examination of fetus in pregnant woman. It helps in monitoring growth of the fetus & help doctors plan healthy delivery of the fetus. Abdominal sonography is usually first line of investigation in evaluating abdominal problems. Other small structures like breast, scrotum, thyroid, eye & musculoskeletal system can also seen using this inexpensive imaging method.

Preparation: No special preparation is required. Patient should drink plenty of water & restrict from passing urine before abdominal or pelvic sonography to distend urinary bladder. 8 hr fasting is recommended to evaluate gall bladder.

Radiologist will perform sonography & detailed report will be given.Indocare diagnostics is best sonography centres in Pune and provide proper reports of sonography test and sonography in Pune.

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