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Blood Collection from home Pune

We understand your world.
We provide our expertise at the comfort of your home. Our specialized & expert team is available to deliver health care at your doorstep.

Our trained Phlebotomist ensures single prick blood collection by WHO criteria. Samples are transported securely & timely to our processing laboratory.

Bar-coding is done for further processing. Samples are then processed using best in class equipment. Reports can be sent on mail or mobile after authentication by our pathologist. Highest standard is maintained at every step assuring you peace of mind.

home blood sample collection in pune


E-Mail Reporting

Indocare Diagnostics provides E-Mail Reporting facility for our patients.


SMS Reporting

Indocare Diagnostics provides SMS Reporting facility for our patients.


Whatsapp Reporting

Indocare Diagnostics provides Whatsapp Reporting facility for our patients.