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Health Check Up Packages

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Health is the greatest gift we can receive.But our busy life & hectic schedule can rob us of this gift.

Diagnostic tests like Radiology test and Pathology test can provide data that help doctors to screen early risk factors, consequently choose preventive and less-invasive actions, monitor suitable remedy, and track the fate of diseases.

Our various Full body CheckUp packages offer wide range of tests which can give insite into your current health status. It can lead to early detection of major & minor diseases & early intervention to save precious time in treatment planning.

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E-Mail Reporting

Indocare Diagnostics provides E-Mail Reporting facility for our patients.


SMS Reporting

Indocare Diagnostics provides SMS Reporting facility for our patients.


Whatsapp Reporting

Indocare Diagnostics provides Whatsapp Reporting facility for our patients.

Full Body Checkup in Pune

Health CheckUp packages can monitor your current disease severity & grade. It can give comprehensive outlook about your ongoing treatment.

Regular Health Checkups are recommended for all ages. We provide tailer made health Check Up solutions for family & corporate.

Start your healthy journey with us. Remember healthy lifestyle is your choice. So take a healthy decision today & book a Health Check Up,Full Body Checkup in Pune,Health Check Up Packages in Pune,Best Full Body Checkup in Pune,Preventive Health Check Up Packages in Pune.

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